As already mentioned elsewhere, the legal remuneration in commercial legal protection only has to be viewed as a cost factor to a limited extent. Rather, our clients see the involvement of a qualified lawyer as an investment in the future viability of their company. Nonetheless, we value transparency in questions of costs and talk to our clients in advance about what to expect.

There are basically three different types of remuneration. Not every remuneration is equally suitable for all issues. Which type of remuneration is most likely for our clients depends on various factors. The size of the project and company can play a role as well as urgency and risks.

• Legal remuneration according to the Lawyers’ Remuneration Act (RVG)

The simplest method is billing according to the statutory remuneration. Unless otherwise agreed with our clients, we charge the statutory fees at low cost. This saves you expensive hourly rates.

The statutory remuneration is calculated based on the item value. This is the value. Unfortunately, this value is difficult to determine if a text is to be worked out or a property right is to be applied for. Then it is difficult to know in advance what these rights will be worth. This can e.g. the creation of a contract, general terms and conditions or a cancellation policy or the. Therefore, in such cases, it is advisable to agree an hourly fee or a flat-rate fee.

• time rate

In the same cases in which a text is to be created or a property right is to be registered, we usually agree an hourly fee with our clients. We then bill for the exact times that we need to process your order. Our usual hourly fee is € 150 plus VAT.

• Agreement of a flat fee

There are cases in which the amount of work involved in drafting a text or applying for a property right can be estimated very well. These are in particular the registration of a trademark, a European trademark, a design and a community design. That is why we offer these services for a flat fee.

Do you have a case that is different and, in fairness, is not covered by one of the three systems? Give us a call! We would be happy to agree an individual remuneration system with you.