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Attorney Eichhorn and his team warmly welcome you. Find out here in peace and quiet about our main areas of activity, the firm’s philosophy and our competencies.

Our advisory services are aimed in particular at commercial clients. But freelancers of all branches as well as freelancers in the creative professions also like to use our services.

We specialize in all important areas of intellectual property law and IT law: patent law, trademark law, IT contract law, internet law, competition law and copyright law. These are areas that are subject to permanent changes through jurisprudence and legislation due to rapid technical progress and the conflicting individual interests of lobbyists and associations. This complexity creates increasing legal uncertainty. And not only with legal laypeople, but also with many who may have once counted themselves among the experts.

But, as everyone is sure, the legislative changes at national level are nothing compared to the upheavals resulting from the unification of 27 legal systems by the EU. This leads to sudden and severe breaks in the previously familiar legal matter – often surprising for some of those involved. Trademark law has recently been significantly changed by the new Union Trademark Regulation. In patent law, an EU patent is currently being created, the so-called unitary patent, with an associated court system, the unified patent court. The case law of the ECJ also changes the law profoundly. In competition law and copyright law, this process has just begun and will continue for the next ten years.

Here it is important to have a lawyer who has been familiar with these circumstances since his education. Our clients therefore rely on a young, committed lawyer who is always up to date with the latest legislation and jurisprudence through further training, specialization and in-depth knowledge and can therefore bring the necessary professional competence at any time. For this purpose, attorney Eichhorn is training far beyond what is legally required.

We pursue a holistic consulting approach, the aim of which is to help our clients at the earliest possible point in time so that they can better assess risks and cost factors from the start. In the best case scenario, we will work alongside the project in order to save the client future litigation risks and the immense costs of a legal dispute as far as possible.

Now give yourself enough time to find out more. You can contact us at any time conveniently by e-mail. We will get back to you as soon as possible. And if you would like to speak to RA Eichhorn personally, just give him a call!